Klok RT


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Klok RT is charming
Klok RT is stylish
Klok RT is casual

You´ll love this clock and enjoy every passed minute ;o)

Shows the time using common speech. Three levels of detailing can be chosen.
Customize ths background color as you like,.

Supports landscape and portrait, small and large view.

Keeps device running - ideal for MS Surface, tablets with stands, dockings or hifi stations.

This is the full version without any further advertising or in app bells and whistles....
You get it all now :o)

Supported idioms:
- Deutsch (Viertel vor eins)
- Deutsch (Dreiviertel eins)
- Englisch
- Español (Dos menos quarto)
- Español (Un quarto para las dos)
- Français
- Italiano
- Nederlands
- Português
- Schwitzerdütsch
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Klok RT

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