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LachSoft Speech Timer is an ideal timing tool for giving or practicing speeches. It changes colors at predetermined points in time to give you visual cues that let you know how much time you have left in your speech. It also works snapped so that you can use another app to read a text document for example. You can be creative and use the timer for other purposes as well!

Update: Font size is now adjustable from the main screen to make the Timer more or less visible as you like!
How it Works:
You set the length of your speech and the color cues you want to see as time winds down. When you start the timer it displays the time left in your speech and then the background color changes as you get to the time markers you set.

For example, the default is set to have the color change to green when there are 2 minutes left, yellow when there is one minute left, and then red when time has expired. This is similar to how Toastmasters provides cues for their speeches.
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LachSoft Speech Timer

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