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This Lingea Russian-Slovak Large Dictionary is the largest contemporary off-line electronic dictionary in the Czech market. It is designed for demanding learners, teachers and translators.

The dictionary contains over 93 000 carefully selected entries and 131 000 word meanings in both directions. Entries and meanings included in this dictionary cover virtually every area of current language, both general and technical. They were carefully selected based on a corpus of contemporary English and Czech and the Internet. There are over 131 000 useful phrases, collocations and example sentences illustrating virtually every entry and a total of 210 000 translations.

Clearly arranged display of carefully structured entries plus contextual info for the equivalents in every meaning will make using this dictionary much easier and help you choose the right translation and thus avoid embarrassing situations or misunderstandings. You will immediately notice the difference this dictionary makes when compared to „ordinary“ database-type dictionaries which often leave the user clueless when choosing equivalents.

Very useful search functionalities such as: automatic language recognition (no need to switch directions), mistyping suggestions and instant index (no need to type entire words)

You can simply verify the equivalents for each headword. Just double-click any displayed equivalent and it will be looked up in the dictionary as an entry.

Morphological search (looks up a word entered in any morphological form).

Most of the entries are accompanied by high-quality pronunciation audio by native speakers.

Pronunciation transcription of the headwords is included as well.

User-friendly and fun to use.

A really comprehensive high-quality dictionary ideal for everyday use when studying the language or at work.
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Lingea Russian-Slovak Dictionary Plus

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