Logic 9: Tips & Tricks 2


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Learn incredible Tips 'N Tricks (TNTs) that will make your work with Logic Studio, faster, more fun, and more exciting. Steve H. is back in Volume 2 of our popular Logic Tips 'N Tricks series, the TNTs!

In this series you'll get a grab bag of over 5 hours of Logic Pro tips & tricks videos. With a heavy emphasis on using Logic's Environment to enhance your song production, you'll learn how to do some very creative and clever things with Logic!

Along the way, many of Steve's friends pop by to demo their favorite tips in Logic. These cameos by important producers and macProVideo.com VIPs make for an interesting aside to the hard-core Logic trickery created by Steve H.

Table of Contents:
01. Exploring Faders and Knobs
02. More Faders and Knobs
03. Playable EQ
04. Thank You From Martin
05. Gaining A Compressor
06. Controllable EQ Part 1
07. Controllable EQ Part 2
08. Panning Environment
09. More Panning Fun
10. Intro To Logic Node
11. Using Logic Node
12. Using Audio Unit Effects
13. Evoc20 Synth Section
14. Evoc Analysis
15. Evoc Audio Preparation
16. Let's Vocode!
17. Note Just For Voice
18. Multi-Timbral Fader Control
19. Multi-Instrument Objects
20. The Power Of cc11
21. Multi-Timbral Synths Vary
22. Stylus Control
23. Stylus Control 2
24. Stylus Pan-Macro
25. Kontact 3 Control
26. Key Signature & Loops
27. Time Signature & Clicks
28. Creating Headphone Mixes
29. Quantizing Automation
30. Automation Regions
31. Igor's Automation Tip
32. MIDI Comping
33. Consolidating Audio In Logic
34. Setting Up The Project
35. Marquee Tool & Shuffle
36. Destructive Gain Adjustment
37. Bouncing Consolidated Audio
38. Checking The Work
39. Ambient Music Intro
40. Ambient Music Setup
41. Ambient Music Delay Objects
42. Ambient Music Note Mapper
43. Ambient Music Final Thoughts
44. Meta Events - Goto Screen Sets
45. Meta Events - Goto Markers
46. Meta Events - Set Fader Ranges
47. Randomizer Intro
48. How It Works
49. Building A Randomizer
50. Adding An On/Off Switch
51. Remote Controlling
52. Tweaking Rounik's Environment
53. Exploring The EVD6
54. EVB6 Bells & Guitars
55. Deeper Into The EVB6
56. Human-like Percussion in the Environment
57. Adding Human Variation
58. Changing-Up The Pattern
59. Pan vs Balance
60. The Direction Mixer Fin
61. Mid Side Rebalance Fin
62. The Direction Mixer and Remixing
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Logic 9: Tips & Tricks 2

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