Ludwig Coenen: Green Movement


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Thoughtless Music (indie music label) brings you "Ludwig Coenen: Green Movement", an app with music tracks ranging from Minimal and Dubstep to Deep House from Ludwig Coenen.

Expressing a deep dance floor motive, his smooth yet heady blend of house and techno unfolds with rolling percussion, muted vocal textures and hypnotic bleeps on ‘Red Paper’. ‘Green Movement’ raises the stakes with a slow-burning arrangement woven with mesmerizing electronics that culminate in its infectious synth-stab motif. With recent releases on Hidden Agenda and Perc Trax gaining momentum, Toronto’s Metalogic melt down the contents of the original and pour them into a slick metallic mould, resulting in a liquid funk techno fusion designed to keep the dance floor in motion long past bed time. XI’s cuts for Lo Dubs, Off Road and Aufect have been crushing sound systems from coast to coast, and his ‘Dangerous Technology’ mix of ‘Green Movement’ is no exception, diving bass tones and clattering cymbals combining for ruthless dubstep destruction – while his ‘Bass Vapour’ bonus dub closes things out with an electro-tinged stepper that stays true to the deeper elements of the original.

Track List:

Red Paper
Green Movement
Green Movement Metalogic Equinox Mix
Green Movement XI Dangerous Technology Mix
Green Movement XI Bass Vapour Dub

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Ludwig Coenen: Green Movement

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