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Welcome to MakeUpMagic SnapShots!
The Windows 8 photo sharing app for Make-up tips and looking Fabulous!
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Printer sharing in windows 8
"Hi, you all Let's directly to the point. I have a desktop running with windows 8 and a laptop running with xp. but i can't share my printer with the XP laptop. The printer is hooked up to one of the Windows 8 pc. can anyone help me in this? e..."
HP DeskJet 3050 J610a - Sees Printer But Doesn't Print
"I'm using an HP DeskJet 3050 J610a networked wirelessly. Windows 8 sees it, but when I try to print it doesn't print out. I can see the print job, but it never prints out. I thought I'd try downloading and re-installing the printer drivers & softw..."
Unable to connect shared printer on work network using Windows 8
"On my work network we have series of lexmark printers which I used to access very easily using Windows 7, but since I upgraded to Windows 8, I can still find the printers on the network, but I cannot access the same. The problem is Windows 8 cannot a..."


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MakeUpMagic SnapShots

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