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This app provides a quick summary of essential concepts in Medicinal Chemistry via easy to grasp snack sized chapters:


• Medicinal Chemistry: Introduction
• The Process of Medicinal Chemistry
• Future of Medicinal Chemistry
• Area of Interest

Drug Design Approaches:

• Drug Design Approaches
• Process of Discovering Drugs
• Step 1: Discovery
• Step 2: Optimization
• Step 3: Development
• Objectives of Chemical Modifications

Structure Activity Relationship:

• Structure-Activity Relationship
• Approach
• Strategies of Judging QSARs
• Steps Followed in QSAR

Drug Absorption:

• Drug Absorption
• Biological Factors
• Psychochemical Factors Based on the Theory of pH Partition

Drug Distribution:

• Drug Distribution
• Eternal Routes
• Parental Routes

Drug Metabolism:

• Drug Metabolism
• Process of Drug Metabolism

Drug Elimination:

• Drug Elimination
• Different Routes of Drug Elimination
• The Possible Sources of Drug Excretion
• Elimination through Kidneys
• The Factors that Determine Elimination Pathway
• Drug Elimination through Kidneys
• Biliary and Fecal Elimination
• Other Routes of Drug Elimination


• Chemogenomics
• The Philosophy of Chemogenomics
• Objectives of Chemogenomics
• The Early Days of Chemogenomics
• Chemogenomics – As It Stands Now
• Chemogenomics in the Discovery of Drugs

Sedatives and Hypnotics:

• Introduction
• Classification
• Clinical Uses of Sedatives-Hypnotics


• Definition: Antibiotics
• Mechanisms of Antibacterial action
• Classification

Synthetic Chemistry:

• Synthetic Chemistry
• The Avenues of Synthetic Chemistry
• Uses in Medicinal Technology
• Uses in Natural Products Chemistry
• Various Factors of Synthetic Chemistry

Natural Products:

• Natural Compounds
• Sources of Natural Compounds
• Natural Compounds from Plant Kingdom
• Natural Compounds from Microorganisms
• Natural Products derived from Natural Sources

Career in Medicinal Chemistry:

• Career in Medicinal Chemistry
• Job Description
• Working Conditions
• Basic Characteristics of a Medical Chemist
• Education Related to the Subject

Advantages of Medicinal Chemistry:

• Advantages of Medicinal Chemistry
• Medicines are safe to be consumed
• Free of Toxins
• Simplicity of the Process of Preparing Medicines
• No Chance of the Disease Relapsing
• Easily Available
• Cheaper
• Free of Irritants
• More Soluble than Other Medicines

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Medicinal Chemistry by WAGmob

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