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A metronome is a software that produces regular, metrical ticks (beats, clicks), settable in beats per minute. These ticks represent a fixed, regular aural pulse; This Metronome release also include synchronized visual motion. The metronome is used by some musicians for practice in maintaining a consistent tempo with steady regular beats and it can be used by composers, as an approximate way of specifying the tempo. This is a Software Release that is built using the new Metro interface. The user can also change the Time Signature.

So, Why waste a lot of money in getting a metronome from market when its freely available on store? Download and rate the application if you like it. Do click on advertisements, as they help us recover our development cost.

Free and Simple to use.

1. Improved Performance.
2. Settings Feature to save user preferences locally.
3. Extremely reduced sound lag
4. Support for 150 Beats per Minute.
5. Improved User interface and User Interaction.
6. Live Tiles.
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