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Do not worry if you can not fully understand the application in 5 minutes, it is really innovative, unusual and unlike anything that exists.

First, it allowed the creation of the structure of thoughts, plans and objectives. Now Mind 2032 grew into something like the social network. There is no analogs of this product in the world, as well as a clear title. We called it the new generation of Mind Mapper.

Carefully , Mind 2032 can strongly change the way of thinking in the direction of the crystal. Likely, you will not be watching the demo video (Mind2032.com) and read node "Controls", so we made the interface intuitive as possible. Important - to enter the node, use scaling, as you do when viewing photos with expanding of two fingers.

Any task or dream splits into its component parts, and each part may contain more items. Thus we bring ideas to implementation, by increasing number of components, we turn into reality. Why not do it in a visual structural form? Fixing your thoughts in the structure, you do not forget something to take into account. Existing apps on works on the flat plane (notebook , concept MAP), Mind 2032 works in volume.

It is not only your private structure , protected by a login and password, but also the overall structure, where people exchange questions and answers, knowledge, how to act in different situations. Here you can find friends and partners to create a joint structure.

It is worth to say that the program can be filled the structure with images, use voice recognition, set the time to the tasks and set reminders, go to your favorite Web sites from the structure, to share advertising and recommendations. It is a fascinating world that is just born and has already allowed more, join us and be with us!
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Mind 2032

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