Mobile SmartHub File Manager


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Mobile SmartHub FileManager is an app for Samsung Optical SmartHub (SE-208BW). Without the device, you can NOT use this app normally.
Since some of tablets have limited storage capacity, you may be upset if you have plenty of things to keep but just find there’s no more free space. Mobile SmartHub (app) is offering a good backup solution. It can wirelessly backup data such as pictures, videos or contacts to an ODD media or USB storage. Besides, if your USB storage is connected to Optical SmartHub (device), you can expand your smartphone and tablet’s storage capacity by using Optical SmartHub as network storage.
Provides basic file manager functionality such as browsing, copy & paste, rename, delete and so on.
Provides Smart Backup from your tablet to the storage of Optical SmartHub(device) and vice versa.
Expands your smartphone or tablet’s storage by using ODD or USB storage attached to Optical SmartHub (device)

Windows 8 (x86 family) tablets, Windows 8 PCs with WiFi connection.

When you use this app without Optical SmartHub product, you may find that most of functions are not working.
Mobile SmartHub FileManager(app) does not work when Optical SmartHub (device) is connected to PC wirelessly using iSCSI. Disconnect iSCSI when you need to use Mobile SmartHub FileManager(app).
Mount USB storage to Optical SmartHub (device) when you need to backup something from Windows 8 tablet or PC to ODD. Backup to ODD function needs buffer memory.
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Mobile SmartHub File Manager

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