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Not just another finance organiser, this free version of MOPFO or My Own Personal Finance Organiser design to assists you to keep track of your daily transactions. Not only that you can enter receipt and billing reference number against a transaction, you can also assign a group or category to each transaction. You can also enter bills/expenses/incomes that are not due yet and it will create a reminder for you. You can also create recurrence for both expenses and incomes. This is a stand-alone application, thus, all data is stored locally in your phone and does not require network connection.
Some of the features:
1) View all account’s balance,
2) Schedule/Recurrence Expenses and Incomes,
3) Chart report (Coming Soon),
4) Statistic report (Coming Soon),
5) Transaction history,
6) Alerts to remind you of any pending transactions or recurrence,
7) Grouping of transactions,
8) Report groups transaction
9) Budget expenses monitoring,
10) Many more….

Give this a go….. You got nothing to lose but more to gain…..
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Windows 8 photo organiser?
"hi everyone, can you suggest some photo organiser for me and i am using windows 8 64 bit. A free ware is much better but i don't mind paying for something thats worth it. any help would be highly apprecited...."


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