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Mouse Without Borders allows user to use Windows 8 tablet as a wireless keyboard and mouse track pad to control any other machine running the desktop version of the app - Mouse Without Borders seamlessly transforms touches on your tablet into mouse movements and key presses in the remote machine. Enjoy the convenient of using your handy Windows 8 touch-screen device to control your Windows Media Center in the living room or a Projector in a group meeting.

This is a Windows 8 Tablet/Surface version of the very famous, half-million download software KVM Mouse Without Borders -

(1) Download and install the desktop version from to a desktop machine that you want to control. The desktop can be Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/Win7/Win8, X86 or X64.
(2) In the desktop running the desktop version of the app, enable connection from Windows 8 tablet/surface by selecting the option in the Mouse Without Borders system tray context menu item.
(3) Install and run this app in a Windows 8 touch-screen Tablet or Surface, enter the desktop machine name or IP Address and follow the steps on the UI to connect. Make sure both machines are connected to the same network and can see each other.

(It works similarly to the windows phone version - )
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Mouse Without Borders

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