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App, which provide to simple search with all of our favorites searching!
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windows 8 multi touch
"Does Windows 8 support multi touch? I like iPad's multi touch, it gives me excellent experience of computer. And Windows 8 doesn't give me such a feeling, I would rather don't use Windows 8...."
Multi-monitor Taskbar Support Win 8
"hi everyone, Is there anything new multi-monitor in win 8 dealing with the taskbar? Any suggestion to this? now I am using windows 8 64 bit and before that I was using UltraMon in Vista and really liked what it did. What made me sad is that UltraM..."
Multi-language support in windows 8
"hi, At present I am planning to buy a windwos 8 laptop and still not sure which version to install. The most important thing is that I can switch the langguage to Chinese when I am using Word documents and composing/reading email sometimes. I do ..."


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Multi Search

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