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In today’s economy one has to be careful. You need to plan, knowledge is gold especially where your retirement is at stake. This App is here to help you. It contains numerous retirement functions including detailed year by year cash flow analysis. Use it to see where you are and where you are going. Can you retire, when, how much do you need? This app answers all your retirement questions concerning your money and finances. Plan ahead for your retirement with this app and use it to see how long your money will last.

You can select different retirement scenarios to study. You can save and recall each scenario and study different retirement strategies. The upgrade to the full version includes the only 'one of a kind' Investment Spinner, Income Spinner and Budget Spinner to allow you to study each retirement scenario by simple touch spinning - it will amaze you.

It is the app you have been looking for, buy it and see, you will love it.

Privacy Statement

The Information We Collect: This notice applies to all information input into this app. The information input is used to support the user requested calculations locally within this application only. Also, within this application the user can request financial data from the internet and this data is used locally within the app to perform financial calculations.

The Way We Use Information: We use the information you provide to perform calculations within the application. We do not share this information; this information is only used with the app to perform calculations.
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MyRetirement Lite

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