New War's -English-


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The image of a planet, it is a game-player.
2 people in the game, this game is a game that attacks the opponent's planet.
This game is played with two people facing each other. I am interesting to play four.

*When the game starts, the character of "touch to start" appears.
*When you tap the screen, the game will start. Large black circle, on the screen, red and blue circle appears on the left and right in the center.
*Circle in front of my eyes is the planet.
Player operates on his own planet.

The operation method
①I touch my own planet
②Without lifting your finger from the screen, and move your finger, the green line will be displayed in the opposite direction.
③When you release your finger, ball is fired from his own planet that has been touched. And out of the screen, the ball will disappear.
④ball off before I disappear, ball becomes larger and touch the planet that fired the ball once again, to be a certain size.
(Tap the planet becomes when the ball is further increased, the ball disappears and can hit the ball such that)

*by applying this ball discharged to a partner's planet, delete a partner's life and topple a partner's planet.
*When annihilate your opponent is winning.
*The center circle is gravity. In addition, when entering the dark part of the center circle, the ball disappears.

It becomes a point of a match how a partner can be quickly attacked correctly with a small ball.
*When a ball hits a partner's planet, offensive strength decreases so that the size of a ball is large.
*According to a planetary life, a planetary size becomes small.
*If their own ball and a partner's ball are applied, both balls will disappear.
*The way to which the ball has been dropped serves as defeat.
Instantaneous power and kinetic vision serve as a key to a match.
*A ball rebounds in a random direction.
*A ball becomes quicker and quicker.
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New War's -English-

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