Password Locker


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** Updated with more polished and usable interface **
** Now supports snap & allows sorting wallet entries **

A must have simple utility that saves you time every day!

* NEW FEATURE: Strong password generator
* NEW FEATURE: Reorder your items and keep them neatly organized
* NEW FEATURE: Export your wallet for safe keeping
* NEW FEATURE: Reveal push-button for protecting your password from prying eyes

Protect all your passwords and user information using this simple, secure and intuitive app. You will never forget the complex passwords that you have to keep inventing for all those websites out there - Facebook, Hotmail, GMail, eBay, Netflix, bank accounts, insurance, etc.

Everything is safely and securely stored using an ultra-strong encryption that is based only on the master password you provide. Nobody - guaranteed nobody - will be able to break into the contents without your master password.

The contents will auto-lock in 10 minutes. So even if you left the app running in the background, it's okay, the app will still protect your data.

Note: the data file is stored in your roaming profile. This means your password file is safe and is available anywhere you login with your Live credentials.
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Password Locker

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