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Pomodokei is a neat and compact pomodoro timer for Windows 8.

If you use Windows 8, chances are you’re using it on a productivity machine. The pomodoro technique is a really nice way to manage your own productivity, and Pomodokei is an app that aims to make that process as intuitive and elegant as possible.

« The pomodoro technique »
Pomodokei is a minimal but complete implementation of the pomodoro technique, the way to keep productive without burning out.

« Neat and compact »
The two-column user interface is carefully laid out to make full use of screen space, while avoiding clutter as much as possible.

« Productivity chart »
See how you've been doing recently at a glance. Adjust your daily schedule accordingly.

« Uncompromising snap view »
The snap view is redesigned with a new dark color theme. You will like to keep it on screen for a long time.
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