PubCenter Helper Travel


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This app is for app developers only. For developers who want to use the freemium model the most important decision is which ad size to select. This app helps developers who want to make this decision for an app in the Travel category.

A developer can use this app evaluate the efficiency of different ad sizes in the Travel category in order to choose the ad sizes the developer wants to use in her/his app.
Every 30 seconds the app tries to request an ad in 4 different sizes. Over the time the app collects statistics about number of requests, ad impressions, fillrate and if the user has provided eCPMs, the app also shows the generated income (multiplied by 1000).
While the user is waiting for the statistics to be collected, the user can use a simple web browser to read free books on, to surf the web and or view videos.
The collected statistics can be exported as txt and html files at any time using the share charm to mail, skydrive, OneNote, filesystem, ...
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PubCenter Helper Travel

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