Pula Pula Alien Green


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Prepare for the invasion of PulaPula Alien Green!
They have fun, jumping across platforms, making their distinctive noise of someone who is having a great time!
A game for all ages, from child to adult, you will go crazy for hitting power, the level of his
Electronic game platform is the name given to a genre of games Video-game in which the player runs and jumps between platforms and obstacles facing enemies and collecting bonus objects.
Some of the most known and widespread examples of these types of games are Super Mario Bros. and Sonic.Now, PulaPula Alien Green is the funniest character in the video game genre and this directly affects the child audience and several representatives of the young adult audience as well. Their games require a little more user time, since the player can only proceed in the game to achieve some goals, which often ends up requiring a little training.
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Pula Pula Alien Green

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