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Read it better is an application that allows you to save web articles in a library and read them later transformed into a great Windows 8 experience.

Get the best Web experience from Windows 8, do more than browse the web, make it yours with Read it Better!
Read it better is built on the Readability service, you can access your library in a web browser on the Readability website and share the same library between multiples devices.
You can organize your library with 3 lists: Reading, Favorites and Archives. Use the reading list for your unread articles, put the most interesting articles in your favorite list and keep for the long term your read articles into your archive list. Or… do as you want!
You can customize your reading experience by changing color, size and font (Asian friendly too).
You have an offline support in order to read your articles without an Internet connection (tablet friendly).
Browse your library containing your saved web articles in a Windows 8 tiles experience.
Read it better is compatible with the Windows 8 search experience allowing you to find in your library and group the results by website.
Save web bookmarks from Windows 8 Internet Explorer, Readability bookmarklets, other applications compatible with the Readability service or any Windows 8 application that can share links.

Don’t hesitate to send your feedback on Twitter @readitbetter or with the support mail
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