Reason 6: Working With Midi


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MIDI is the fuel that powers all of Reason's mind-blowing instruments. Join Reason MIDI master, Hollin Jones, and learn how to harness the power of MIDI to accelerate your tunes into Hyper Production...

Reason 6 is loaded with all kinds of ways to create, process and produce amazing music using MIDI. In this tutorial, MPV’s Reason expert, Hollin Jones, shows you how MIDI is generated, routed and manipulated in Reason 6.

You’ll learn how to record MIDI tracks and master the techniques of Clips, Quantization and creative ReGrooving to improve your skills and power up your tunes. Hollin then moves on to Reason’s Sequencer. You'll learn about the Sequencer’s different kinds of Lanes and the cool ways to merge MIDI notes into Parts. Next up is MIDI automation, followed by some indispensable videos about MIDI editing. Hollin then goes on to share some ultra-hip Tips & Tricks!

This tutorial, Working With MIDI, will completely demystify how MIDI works in Reason 6 and quickly get your MIDI chops up to speed!

So hook up your favorite MIDI controller, crack your knuckles and start jamming away with Reason’s incredible collection of instruments. This tutorial, Working With MIDI, will inspire you to reach out to new places in your Reason 6 production universe.

Table of Contents:
1. Recording a MIDI track
2. MIDI Clips: An Introduction
3. MIDI Clips: Labelling Clips and Edit Mode
4. Quantization: An Introduction
5. Quantization: The Tool Window
6. Regroove: An Introduction
7. Creative Regroove
8. Sequencer Lanes
9. Recording on Lanes: Introduction
10. Merging Notes into Parts
11. Automation Lanes
12. Editing MIDI
13. MIDI Tricks - Part 1
14. MIDI Tricks - Part 2
15. The Pattern Lane
16. Midi File Import Export
17. Creative Controller Lanes: Part 1
18. Creative Controller Lanes: Part 2
19. The Matrix Pattern Sequencer
20. Wrap Up
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Reason 6: Working With Midi

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