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Every mixer has his own audio toolbox full of secret weapons! Join Rich Tozzoli who has worked with Al DiMeola, Ace Frehley, Hall & Oates, Emerson Lake & Palmer, and Billy Squier as he opens his Mixing Toolbox and reveals some of his favorite Pro Tools mixing tips.

Rich T is back! And on the reverb tail of his successful Producing and Mixing Guitars tutorial in our Studio and Recording section he now has created his Pro Tools Mixing Toolbox! In this collection of 41 tutorial-videos Rich expands his mixing universe to include all the different kinds of tracks that most engineers need to work on while mixing a tune.

So put on your work gloves because this is a hands-on tutorial. No theoretical posturing here. Just plain old show, tell and listen! Richie T starts with the vocals and explains the Apex of the Triangle technique. He shows you how to De-ess, compress, add delay and reverb and so much more to get your vocals sounding great. Next up: drums. Rich digs deep into his drum toolbox and pulls out all kinds of cool audio tools to tune your drum tracks to perfection. He even shows you how he uses a tape simulator on a bus to get that tape-saturated, fat sound. He then explains why he adds different types of EQ and compression to different drums as we listen to the drums come to life. There’s even a cool video on getting the best sound out of drum loops!

From there, Rich explores the bass track where we listen to the DI and then combines them with amp simulators. Finally Rich settles into the master fader and talks about metering, EQing and limiting. But that’s not all: there’s even a bonus section where he shows how he uses his favorite plugins! So join Rich Tozzoli and put some of his audio tools inside your Mixing Toolbox!

Whether you're looking to get AVID Certification or just want to know more about Pro Tools, start your Pro Tools education right here at—an AVID Learning Partner—and learn all about making music sound big in Pro Tools 10!

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Lead Vocal: The Apex of the Triangle
3. D-Essing the Vocal
4. Compressing the Vocal
5. Reverb and Delay on the Vocal
6. Tuning reverbs for the Vocal
7. Putting EQ on the Vocal reverb
8. Using Reverb pre delay on vocals
9. Stacking Vocals
10. Making a Vocal background Bus
11. Compressing the Vocal Bus
12. Panning vocals within the Bus
13. Drums Brief Overview
14. Making a Drum Bus
15. Compressing the Drum Bus
16. EQ the Drum Bus
17. Tape Simulator on the Drum Bus
18. Snare EQ and Compression
19. Snare Reverb
20. Room Mics
21. Room Compression
22. Loops and Live Drums
23. Mixing a Bass DI
24. Mixing a Bass Amp
25. Using a Bass Amp Simulator
26. Bass Compression
27. Bass EQ
28. Bass Distortion
29. Master Fader Setup
30. Master Volume Automation
31. Metering on the Master
32. EQ on the Master Fader
33. Limiter On The Master Fader
34. Compression on the Master Fader
35. Universal Audio 1176
36. Lexicon LXP Native
37. Sound Toys Decapitator
38. Universal Audio Empirical Labs EL7 Fatso
39. Audio Ease Altiverb
40. Eventide H3000
41. Waves Kramer PIE Compressor
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Rich Tozzoli's Mixing Toolbox

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