Rolemaster Feenwesen Handbuch


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Rolemaster Feenwesen Handbuch
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Rolemaster Feenwesen Handbuch

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of a GM which in AD&D is bad enough but When I also hotsed games of Toon or Paranoia or C.O.C. it was positively lethal ;p Even my serious games had a very tongue in cheek aspect. While Playing AD&D I took on the role of an elderly NPC .. who turned out later to be an elder god in human form. Of course you can't pour a quart into a pint pot.. and you certainly can't pour a small sea into one either so something had to be left out.. like Sanity for example XD He had the habit of forgetting to fall.. ie he'd walk off a step and stay at the same height in mid air. He never cast the correct spell.. usually getting the result he wanted in a roundabout way. I never wanted him to become the Deus et Machina character who would jump in at the last moment to save the party should they fail. One time when the party had blatantly not followed advice to stay out of the woods and were trapped in a cave with a pack of hungry wolves about to chow down.. he decided to cast a fireball to save the party.. and summoned forth a miscast spell of create food and water..miscast as he summoned a porridge/gruel ball instead of a fireball which exploded covering everything (and everyone) in sticky grey gunk.. this scared the wolves off of course but we we all left dripping in goo. I think while playing Paranoia I achieved the shortest party survival of around 30 seconds. started the game, gave the preamble told them they were in a white room with a green button.. they were (of course) all red level players.. and of course they pressed the green button.. and were immediately incinerated for attempting to circumvent security levels. at least they all had a further 5 clones to play on with ;p I miss my Table top RPG group..
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