Rolemaster Riesen Handbuch


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Noch ein langweiliges Fantasy-Bestiarium? Nicht dieses Mal! Dies ist eine Zusammenstellung von Riesen für Rolemaster.

Begegnen Sie Gegnern mit beliebigen Streifen, Punkten und Schuppen.

In dieser App finden Sie unzählige Riesen. Viele entspringen den Mythen und Märchen, weitere sind Standards der Fantasy und von Rollenspielen, und viele andere sind komplett einzigartig – so etwas haben Sie in noch keinem anderen Rollenspielsystem gesehen!
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Rolemaster Riesen Handbuch

name unknown

ok i have another one heheh The year is 2001. It has been 6 years since the whole world went dark for a day. Since that day thngis have never been the same. When that day had finally ended I had found myself in the bathroom not the same man I was. For some reason when I had a awoke I relized that I had wings not to different from those of a bat also what was different is that my fingers ended in claws. Things of the world started falling apart as well and that when the new government took over. Freedom of speach was taking away and a general curfew was put in place for what they was the general safety of the public.Rumor has it that in the dark of night since that day thngis have not been the same when the light go out. Things becaome scary at night. what am I am where am I
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