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Scrble is a sublimely simple app for free-hand notes on Windows tablets. Scrble inking is very responsive and fun. You can ink with a pen or with your finger or use touch gesture to pan, zoom or move a selection. You can also capture and import images to annotate. Scrble works great on all kind of touchscreens, but it is even more fun with a digitizer pen, as the one of the Surface Pro. If you want to use a capacitive pen (which is the only option for most RT tablets), make sure you get a good one as the amPen. I warmly suggest watching this short movie for an overview and some useful tips:

NOTE: Please note that this app was not designed to be used with traditional mouse and keyboard.

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Below a list of key features

Auto-scroll: when reaching the right screen margin the canvas will automatically scroll so you can keep writing on the same line.
Carriage return: Automatically move to the new line when reaching the end of the paper.
Infinite long pages so you can capture all your thoughts
Multiple sets of ink and highlighter colors with 3 sizes each
Double tap on a color to select a different color
A writing area is provided at the lower end of the display that avoids conflicting palm gestures

Double tap to zoom in the region you want to write on
Double tap to zoom out to view the entire document width
Pinch to zoom
Double drag to pan
Single finger pan (digitizer pen only)

Use the delete pen to delete a targeted area
Select to move or delete a region of ink
Move, copy, paste or duplicate selection
Undo, redo

Insert or capture images to annotate

Insert lines, arrows, rectangle, circles or stars to make your note stand out

Save your note with a name in an existing or new project
After the initial save of a note, Scrble will automatically save changes while you work

Import PDF files as background images to annotate
Export current note to PDF file format

Share current note or a set of notes using any application you had installed that support sharing requests for PNG files

Print current or selected note

Tap on the back arrow to view all your notes organized by project in the collection view
Tap on a project name to browse all the notes for that project
Tap on a note to open for editing

Rename a selected note
Move a set of notes to a new or existing folder
Delete a set of notes
Share a set of note

Select portrait or landscape paper size for new notes (tap on hold on new button to change current size)
Switch for the spring loaded delete (on be default for faster inking)
Switch among Writing and Drawing mode
Select blank, ruler, math or blackboard paper
Save note using transparent, white or current paper background
Select a custom color or customized the colors from the default list (tap and hold on the color to customize)

Help overlay for teaching few basic tips for using of the app
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