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All your favorite search engines are present at one place, enabling you to search contents much faster and efficiently. You can search for contents across following websites:
1) Google
2) Bing
3) Yahoo
4) YouTube
5) Imdb
7) Wikipedia
8) Facebook
9) Twitter
10) Google+
11) Amazon
12) EBay
13) Netflix
14) CNN
15) Digg
16) Tumblr
17) Flickr
18) Picasa
19) Blogger
20) Wordpress

Using this app:
1) Enter the query you want to search in “Search Query” box.
2) Click on the search engine icon in which you wish to search.
3) If you get what you’re looking for then you can open the results in browser and continue with your work.
4) If you didn’t get what you’re looking then try other search engines. It’s as simple as that…

Hope you like it!
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