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This App offers you a convenient way to access the Secret-Keeper Web service (, which offers you the functionality to store arbitrary text (the secret, e.g. passwords or messages) encrypted, that can't be accessed until a date specified by yourself.

Only people with the secret's id can decrypt the text (after the specified date). This way, you can e.g. create a message for someone else, specify an expiration date and give the person the secret's id. After the expiration date the person will be able to access your message by entering the id you send him.

You can also use the Secret-Keeper to prevent yourself from accessing a game or website for a specific amount of time, e.g. to avoid distractions during your exams. To do this you only need to change your password (and maybe your email-address, so that you can't restore your password ;)), save these information in a secret and set an expiration date that is after your exams are over. Hence, you won't be able to access the game/website until after the specified expiration date.

Note: ALWAYS write down your secrets' ids. Without the id you can't access your secret!
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