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It is very common that someone may use your computer/pad and may accidentally (or even intentionally) see your personal photos/videos that you don't want them to see. Even worse, when you lost your hardware, your personal photos/videos might be easily accessed and used illegally. The App is designed to secure your private photos/videos. It uses password-based symmetric encryption to encrypt your personal photos in a quality-lossless way. The app also provides fundamental photo/video management functionality like Album, Zoom, Slide Show, Playback, etc. so you can manage and view your protected photos/videos easily.

[Exclusive] Many of the data protection software encrypt your data by using static keys. The safety of your data is totally depending on the safety of the key. Unfortunately, the keys are usually stored within the software and can be easily obtained by reverse-engineering tools. Imaging that a trained hacker cracked the key and the encryption method used by the software, and created a decryption tool for that software, and uploaded it to internet. All of a sudden your data is no longer secure. An untrained person can use the tool to crack your data easily. We instead uses dynamic encryption key which is only known to yourself. So when the software's encryption method is compromised, your data still remains secure. The hacker need to crack your encryption key to access your data and that is usually not easy especially for an untrained person. By using dynamic encryption, you gain higher security for your data.

1) The App doesn't change the original copies, please dispose them properly.
2) When you uninstall the App, all data will be removed permanently. Please backup data before uninstalling or keep your original copies safe and secure.
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Secure Album

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