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SecureNotes takes ordinary "sticky" notes to a new, security-focused level.

Your data belongs to no one except you. Even hand-written scribbles and impromptu reminders are yours and yours alone. With SecureNotes, you can ensure that this holds true until YOU decide to reveal them.

Featuring Industrial strength algorithms to prevent prying eyes from seeing your data (no matter who is watching over your shoulder), each SecureNote can be Encrypted and Decrypted using an individual, note-specific password, or a Global password to secure them all at one time. With each SecureNote, you can also change Size, Color, Placement, Pin it to the background and send them via email. You can even set them as Live Tiles on the desktop, Enlarge or shrink them without losing data and change the look of the background whenever the mood strikes you, choosing from one of the standard backgrounds or use any image from your library.

You will never need anything else to keep track of your reminders and personal notes and to keep them Private! You can also Share your SecureNotes with Twitter, OneNote, Facebook or any other "share-able" app.

In addition, not only what you type can be securely encrypted, but what you draw! Using the same, proven algorithm, you can draw anything on a SecureNote and then encrypt it, just as you would typed text.

With the Search feature, you can also scan all of your notes and automatically flag any one of them that matches your search phrase.

Don't just make your notes sticky, make them Secure as well.
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