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Sharp World Clock (the app - there is also a desktop version available) is a versatile, modern and powerful world clock and alarm clock with very polished looks. The clocks can be resized and the looks can be configured in different ways. It works great in "snapped" mode, showing a local time analog clock on top.

Add as many clocks as you like and set colors, country flags and analog clocks. Clocks can have "active" and "passive" faces, depending on a selectable time frame (e.g. 8 am to 8 pm).

An alarm can be assigned to each clock, which will go off at the local time of the selected location, even if the program is not running. Only single (not recurrent) alarms are possible.
The program does not need any internet connection. It comes with 1000+ locations plus military time zones and the correct time zone information for all of them, also sunrise and sunset data.
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Sharp World Clock

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