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Run your business on a Sirrus Cloud!
Whether you’re a one person consulting business or a multi-location retail chain, Sirrus Business is the platform you. Keep track of your customers and create invoices on Windows 8 and Windows RT from anywhere in the world. From inventory control, auto replenishment and employee sales reports to vendor management and more, Sirrus Business gives you quick insight into what’s going on your business. Live tiles keep you alerted to important events like products with low inventory and daily sales info. See your recent or top customers at glance and know what they’re buying. Sirrus Business supports multiple users in different locations and lets you monitor it all from anywhere in the world.

Don't worry with the hassles of your own servers and headaches associated with down equipment and backup problems. Don’t spend thousands on networking, servers, and support costs. Don't get locked into one location, work from anywhere! See all of your locations' inventories at a single glance from anywhere in the world on a secure cloud based platform.

Sirrus Business grows with you. There is a free subscriptions available for those small businesses just getting started and Sirrus Business has pricing plans to meet the needs of any size business.

Get started and be up and running in a Sirrus Cloud in just minutes!
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Sirrus Business

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