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Select your favorites pictures from your library, internet or skydrive and organize them into slideshows. You can then enjoy a full screen animation. Manipulate your slideshows whenever you want and simply organize pictures for each of them.
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Windows 8 Desktop Background Slideshow Not Working
"Hello, guys coming here for some help because you guys have fixed all my problems in the past. this time i have some problem about my slideshow because when i right clicked on the desktop and clicked Personalize and for the desktop background I ..."
Windows 8 Desktop Slideshow problems
"Hey, you all Let's directly to the point. i have been annoyed for a long time because i do not know why there is no transition when i using slideshow. no fade in or fade out. The wallpapers just change in a blink in windows 8. Does anyone kno..."
Windows 8 Slideshow Toolbar Missing
"hi guys, I am new to windows 8 and i am trying some new features of it. after the installation, i've tried the slideshow. at the very beginning, it works fine but after a while the toolbar doesn't appear anymore. i had to right click to change the..."


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Slideshow Organizer

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