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Smart Metro Alarm is an alarm app for Windows 8 with unique features. You can set multiple alarms with options for snoozing.
It has an intuitive interface that confirms with the Modern style of windows 8.
Night Mode for the app.
Live Tile shows the time remaining.
Do switch on the night mode when you go to sleep to prevent the device from turning off and suppressing your alarm.
The app needs to be kept on lock screen to show alarms even if your screen is locked.
The app has a built in stop watch, that runs even if you close the app. The stopwatch functionality is accurate and it wont stop even if you browse the internet in the middle.stopwatch gives accurate time elapsed even if the device is switched off.
Currently the only stopwatch in the market to offer this functionality
We will be pushing out new versions every week. If you have a bug please click the provide feedback button in the app or contact the developer at
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Smart Metro Alarm

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