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This fun application will lay a solid foundation for your kid's math skills. The objective of this application is to make your kid learn basic Math such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with one and two digit numbers quickly and intuitively.

Math is best learned by practice. As they say, "practice leads to perfection." In "Solve It!", we guide the kid while they solve the problem step by step. The kids will learn how to do long division, two digit multiplication, addition and subtraction. The Guided Solution will teach the kid how to use "Carry" to solve more complicated 2 digit problems. This will, in turn, make learning easier and more fun i.e. "Solve It!" guides your kid's genius to really shine!!

During learning phase, the kid can attempt quizzes by simply solving individual problems and tracking how long it takes for them to solve a problem. When they are ready for some fun challenge, they can create and attempt a "Timer based Quiz" which will evaluate their skills.

1. Designed for use by beginner and experienced students.
2. Difficulty level can be adjusted by limiting how high the numbers can go.
3. Quizzes can be created by selecting one or more operators. Thus, if your kid is only learning addition and subtraction, you can create quizzes with only those operators.
4. You can create a Quiz with a "Time trial mode" where the kid can attempt a quiz in a limited amount of time. You can select from 1-99 minutes timer for the quiz.
5. Per problem time tracking. For each problem, the best time, current time and positive or negative time difference from the previous attempt is maintained.
6. Variable number of problems in the quiz. You can select from 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 problems.
8. You can track progress by looking at the quiz summary which tells all the information at one glance.
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