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User Profiles not Load in Windows
"Hello everyone, Here is a headachy problem that can not be solved by myself, a computer novice. I hope I can turn to you for your generous help. My laptop is with Windows 8 home premium. When I booted it this morning, my profile came up and I was ..."
User profile won't load in win 8
"hello, briefly, when i boot my windows 8 everytime, my profile comes up and I'm required to enter my password. When I enter the password, I get a message telling me the User Profile did not load. I can't change my password because I don't have a ..."
Windows 8 - User Profile Cannot be Loaded?
"I looked for the fixes online for several days but unlucky. Windows 8 CP is running on my Asus laptop and enjoy it so far. Installed Windows Update and leave for work. When I came back my computer was on some "guest temporary user" or something. I tr..."


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Stephan Hawking

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