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Sun Clock is a map of the world that displays the local time in any and every time zone and takes account of daylight saving time where relevant. It is useful for all long distance communication and the application is rich in geographical information.

The Sun Clock database contains times, dates and locations for more than 7,000 cities around the world. You can add your own locations and remove locations at will. A new location is added either by specifying its latitude and longitude or, more simply, by clicking on the “New location” button. This creates a “new location” in the Atlantic. Drag the point to your chosen place and edit the label. Each displayed location has a label “flag” showing its name and the local time and date. The position of the flag relative to the location (e.g. left, right, above, or below) can be adjusted so that the flags do not obscure one another.

As you move the cursor over the map, the time and date in the time zone under the cursor is displayed. If you click, or tap, on a displayed location, the time and date settings for that location are displayed. Touch gestures will drag the map from side to side, while pinching and stretching will zoom in and out on the map. You can prevent the view of your world map from becoming congested by choosing some locations to be visible only when you have zoomed in on a particular region.

The map is continually changing to show night and day moving around the globe. The curvature of the night shadow changes with the seasons. Where the moon is above the horizon providing additional light, the night shadow is lighter. The level of brightness is set according to the current phase of the moon.

The map uses satellite imagery which, throughout the course of the year, shows the advance and retreat of snow and ice cover in the northern and southern hemispheres. The colours and extent of the vegetation reflect the seasons. As towns and cities move into the night shadow, their night lights appear, visible from space. Importantly, all the base map data is built into the application. Sun Clock does not require your device to be connected to the internet.
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Sun Clock

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