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A wilderness survival trip isn’t your everyday, average hiking, backpacking, or camping trip! This is a trip where you will go to a location and live off the land while surviving the elements. You can decide how long you want to “survive” and how far you want to travel while surviving. Both take different preparation for the trip.
If you decide you want to take an outdoor survival trip you must be mentally and physically prepared. You must also have the proper training and the proper gear.
There are four main things to focus on in order to survive in the wilderness. Food, water, heat/shelter, and sleep. Without any one of these essentials for very long and you will not survive.
To make sure you have what you need to survive on your own you will have to prepare in advance. If you are new to being able to completely live off the land in the wilderness you should find a guide to help and train you on your journey. This will be much safer and you will learn so much more with hands on experience.
You should always go with a small group, and never alone unless this is not a learning experience and is a necessity. You should make sure someone knows your planned route, destination, and approximately when you plan to arrive at your destination. There are services out there that can alert your friends or family if you do not reach your destination at a predetermined time. However, you must set this up in advance.
In the beginning I would recommend you start out learning slowly and honing your survival skills a little at a time. Application "Surviving the Wilderness" is what you are looking for, a series of video actual survival experience will help you to experience, and learn and practice their survival skills.


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Survival Guides: Wilderness Survival

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