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The Swimming Coach's Clipboard allows coaches and spectators to time and track splits of multiple athletes across events in any race, meet or workout. This clipboard of results can be stored, printed, e-mailed and/or retrieved for later review or reference.

Gone are the days of damp paper, pencil and multiple stopwatches. With the Swimming Coach's Clipboard, a few touches retrieve athletes from an internal database; events and associated splits are quickly dialed; and a running printout tracks splits as swimmers do their turns.

Swimming Coach's Clipboard allows Coaches to setup all swimmers for all events prior to a meet and then load them with a tap of a button.

Events are selected using the fast/fun picker (spin) control. Predefined race distances include all standard metric and yard distances between 25 yards and 1 Mile meters; free, back, breast, fly and medley strokes; free and medley relays; and gender support (boys, girls, men, women, mixed)

Supports Diving:
--> Springboard (1m & 5)
--> Platform (5m, 7m, 10m)
Select Dive with iPad Spinners: Forward, Backward, Reverse, Inward, Twisting, Armstand, Straight, Pike, Tuck, Free, All Legal Dives . . . returns Dive # and Degree of Difficulty.
Tracks scores using 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 judge rules.

Key in your athletes or import them from a comma delimited list. Attach Photos of your athletes to the database, various timers and events . . . making it easier to identify swimmers and divers during a fast moving meet

Designed to run without an active internet connection. E-Mail your results when you get back to the office.

The Swimming Coach's Clipboard is ideal for anyone interested in competitive swimming from the Club parent to a University Coach.

If you can use Windows and a stopwatch . . . you already know how to use the Swimming Coach's Clipboard.

For More Information Visit: www.PVIMaine.com
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Swimming Coach's Clipboard

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