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5 Stars(United State)
Waiting for update, Feel fun for playing this game along my spare time. Still waiting for the next update, wondering what kind of things that will be got on the next.

5 Stars(United State)
Great Game, Been playing it for some days now and it great, it gets harder each level they have so many bad guys takes me almost forever to pass it, Worked perfect on my laptop windows 8.

5 Stars(Italy)
Very nice game, beautiful 2d graphic and fun gameplay

5 Stars(Thailand)
Great, I love it . The picture of your game is so beautiful ^^ and the game is so fun !!!

5 Stars(Peru)
Good Game, I hope to hang out with the armor upgrade!

----****** THE MOST BEAUTIFUL 2D Side-Scrolling RPG GAME EVER !!! ******----

Support Mouse, Keyboard and Touch Screen

Fantasy epic theme, available for everyone to play.

On the day that god created earth, he also created animals and humans. Then he said "The good one will reside in heaven. The Bad one will be punished in hell.". On the promised day, god waits for his sons to come back to heaven. Sadly no one comes. As some of angels come to know this story, they decide to open the heaven gate to earth and bring back those lost souls. Soon they realize something is not right !!!!

You will be playing as one of angels who decides to go to the earth to bring back lost souls to heaven.
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