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Simply make photo arrangements and collages using one of our templates. We believe that people should do more with their digital photos than just have thousands of individual photos sit in a folder collecting dust. Make special occasion cards to congratulate friends or wish them a happy birthday. Handwrite a memorable note on photos before sending them out. Share your photo arrangements with family and friends via social networks, email or print. Give kids Tap Collage and keep them entertained with family and good memories while they make their own collages. From the makers of Tap Collage for Windows Phone. Have fun!

Exciting new feature lets you browse and get 3D printable photo frames for your collages through MakerShop.

-Make Collages
-Share Collages
-Print Collages
-Handwrite and draw on photos and collages. (Stylus and touch only. No mouse.)
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Tap Collage

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