The Lion and the Egg


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The Lion and the Egg is a story about the relationships between a lion and a duckling that hatches from an egg then imprints onto the lion. The lion becomes the parent of the duckling and learns through trial and error how to help the duckling become an adult. Both sad times and happy times occur throughout the story, revealing a true sense of security, insecurity, and friendships between the two animals.
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The Lion and the Egg

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The Lion and the Egg is an excellent children's book for children of all ages. The book teaches children about relationships, friendships, security, insecurity, adversity, and diversity. The illustrations are vibrant with multiple colors. The story can be understood by simply viewing the illustrations. However, the simple text makes it easy to follow the storyline. I highly recommend this book for all families with young children, as well as for elementary and middle schools.
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