The Ultimatum


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Henri Rasske was a spy for the US on the island of Macau from 1941 to 1943. The Japanese Secret Service ordered him killed saying he was worth two aircraft carriers in the Coral Sea. Sent there by the President his job was to supply Chiang Kai Chek's troops on mailand China. His code name was Brass Monkey. Contacts would purchase a drink in the Brass Monkey Club which would be place on a coaster with the word 'The Brass Monkey' on the top, figurines of three monkeys in the center, depicting - see, hear, speak - no evil. The contact would cross out the words 'no evil' then remove the letters from The Brass Monkey which were not contained in 'see, hear, speak.' The letters left spelled out H. E. Rasske. He would then know this person was a contact.

The Ultimatum, by H. E. Rasske Jr. is packaged with an easy to use book reader.
Once the app has been downloaded, you do not need an internet connection, so the book can be enjoyed anywhere.
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The Ultimatum

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