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Base Ceti-One is a tactical weapons and unit construction site currently anchored at near orbit zone of Leonis moon.
One week ago, we lost all contact with the base. Every attempt we've made to reestablish communication channels have failed.
We are sending in a T.I.T.A.N. strike unit to investigate... Let's just hope its not too late.”

With T.I.T.A.N. you’re the commander of a giant robot sent on a mission to investigate what happened to base Ceti-One. Soon enough, you and your supporting team will discover that the base will be reacting to your intrusion treating you as an enemy! You’ll have to defend yourself from hordes of enemies that will become increasingly difficult while trying to discover why you’ve become the enemy and who or what is controlling the enemies!
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Windows 8 PC failed
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name unknown

I like the Camera+ app, too. You can do some really fun ediitng with it! It was $1.99 but worth every penny (I too prefer free apps, but splurged on this one as it came highly recommended by someone I trust). Another one I bought and have yet to play with (stuck indoors with new baby) is AutoStitch. It let's you take a bunch of shots of something, like a landscape, and then stitch them together to create o huge panoramic picture of it. I've seen some pictures others have done and it's really cool. I need to play with it more before I can say I actually recommend it or not.
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