Top American Speeches


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Read the top 100 speeches in American history. Speeches are organized by title of the speech. The speeches included are:
* Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream
* John F Kennedy's Inaugural Address
* FD Roosevelt's First Inaugural Address
* FD Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation
* Barbara Charline Jordan's 1976 DNC Keynote Address
* Richard Nixon' Checkers
* Malcolm X's The Ballot or the Bullet
* Ronald Reagan's Shuttle 'Challenger' Disaster Address
* John F Kennedy's Houston Ministerial Association Speech
* Lyndon Johnson's We Shall Overcome
* Mario Matthew Cuomo's 1984 DNC Keynote Address
* Jesse Louis Jackson's 1984 DNC Address
* General Douglas MacArthur's Farewell Address to Congress
and many more.....
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Top American Speeches

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