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Streamline Technology’s Tornado™ application provides robust capability to secure your critical and sensitive text based communications. More often that you might think, private communications are intercepted by cyber thieves and used for malicious purposes or other criminal intent. Tornado™ protects your data from being read by anyone other than your intended recipient.

When Tornado™ is used, you can safely send your encrypted data via email, text message or other means with the peace of mind that it is secure. If some cyber thief steals your communications with Tornado™ encryption, it will be a worthless jumble of random text. But to your intended recipient, the critical and sensitive text will be decrypted and readable.

Tornado is a Windows 8.1 Store application that will encrypt and decrypt your sensitive text based communications. Tornado is NOT an email client nor a SMS messenger application. You can use those types of applications to send and receive the encrypted content.

Streamline Technology is not responsible for any loss of data or business, because of the use, or indirect use of Tornado. We make no claims or promises that encryption is safe. Tornado has been approved for sale and export by the U.S. Department of Commerce.
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