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Have you ever wanted to check on how your downloads are doing but didn't want to sit by your desk clicking on an old-school Windows Forms app?
Have you found a torrent while browsing on your tablet and wanted to watch it later on your Home Theater PC?

Torrent Dashboard is the very app you'd have just needed!
It lets you easily administer and observe the torrents pending on any other machine in your home network; your x86 desktop, your HTPC, or even on your smart router.

Unlike µTorrent's features of 'WebUI' and 'Remote' - very good web applications for the same purpose indeed - Torrent Dashboard has a Windows 8 RT compliant UI optimized for the touch screens and gestures of handheld devices.

The app is client-only just yet, so the actual torrent traffic won't happen on your tablet; you'll need a separate host for that...

From this version it supports multiple protocols as well, you can decide whichever to use...
- µTorrent WebAPI - you'll need a µTorrent 3.2.x or later ( )
- Transmission JSON-RPC - you'll need a Transmission BT 1.7.x or later version ( )
If you have on your home network one of the following devices you'll probably be able to set them up to be monitored by Torrent Dashboard using the Transmission protocol:
- Networked Media Tank
- WD MyBook
- ReadyNAS
- D-Link DNS-323 & CH3SNAS
- Synology
- IP Box 9000
- Thecus
- MemUp LX

Do you have a special device or an application protocol in mind that Torrent Dashboard doesn't support yet?
Drop me an email and I'll see what I can do...
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Torrent Dashboard

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