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Welcome to Touch Me 2! Having played and loved Touch Me, your finger skills are going to be tested further and harder.

Touch Me 2 provides three new game modes: Mild, Brisk and Bedlam. Gone are the days when you only needed to press one button… now you have to work two! In “Mild” you have to flip each button on and off as many times as you can within twenty seconds. Let’s see if you can keep the pace… “Brisk” takes it up a level as you try and balance you lightning fast button touching skills with rhythm. One button moves and the other stays put. Can you keep each hand focused on its task? And finally – “Bedlam”. Here is where crazy ensues! Both buttons move and it’s up to you to keep up.

Please not, every game round lasts for twenty seconds. And I hope you find this app to be great fun. I recommend you play amongst your friends to see who has the fastest hands and the best stamina. I have found it to be a good way to help make decisions when in a group that dithers.

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Touch Me 2

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