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******READ THIS FIRST******* The sole purpose of TouchMe Gesture Studio is to enable you to create, edit, and export a customized gesture file and that’s it! This app does not and never will contain the gesture engine that actually brings those gestures to life! However, there is a convenient link within the app to obtain the engine. ******

Touchscreens have improved the way we all interact with our computers! By using TouchMe Gesture Studio, you can create, edit, and export custom gesture files to take things one step further!

Gestures available include:
• 2/3/4/5 Finger Swipe up/down/left/right
• 3/4/5 Finger Pinch in/out
• 2/3/4/5 Finger TipTap left/right

Actions currently available:
• Show/Hide Touch Keyboard
• Increase/Decrease Volume
• Increase/Decrease Brightness
• Open/Close/Switch Browser Tabs
• Show the TaskBar
• Sleep, hibernate, Sign Out, Lock, Shut down, and Restart
• Mimic Keyboard Shortcut (note: some system shortcuts like ALT+TAB or CTRL+ALT+DELETE or WIN+D cannot be automated in Windows 8.1 =[ )
• Etc…

It isn't possible for me to reply to your reviews which makes getting additional debugging info difficult. Instead, submit your feedback or ideas to me directly at or

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TouchMe Gesture Studio Beta

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