TRAVELLER Royal Encounters


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TRAVELLER Royal Encounters brings you adventures hooks, plot lines and ideas in the classic format of providing an encounter for the players, along with up to six options for the referee as to how the adventure will progress.

Got nothing prepared for the next gaming session of TRAVELLER? Your players wandered off into deep space again, far from your planned adventure? Worry not, for Royal Encounters is here to rescue you!

Traveller is a Science Fiction role-playing game, taking place in the “distant future”. Humanity has started to explore outer space, and has discovered countless planets full of alien races and intelligences. However, they have also met other human races that developed independently from the “Terrans”. In the course of time, the Terrans were able to establish an empire, though: the Third Imperium. This mighty empire unites thousands of galaxies under its rule, but it is threatened by enemies not only from the outside, but also from within.
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TRAVELLER Royal Encounters

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