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This is the Windows 8.1 version of the Ward Chores app, originally available on the Windows Phone 8.1, If you have already purchased it on Windows Phone, you are free to download this version also. Please be aware that this version was designed to complement the Windows Phone 8.1 version, hence some features of the original may not be available on this version.

Tired of using (and losing) scrub sheets for jotting down which patients you are in charge of in the infirmary and what needs to be done for each one? How about prioritizing and forgetting important chores?
Ward Chores is an app that will help you with that. This app enables you to keep track of up to 10 patients, their history, events that may occur during admittance and all the things that must be done for each patient. By using simple and clever icons for each task, checking up on what kind of chores you have left is quick and easy.

In total, there are 12 icons, each representing a common kind of chore: "monitor patient", "lab tests" (order or check up on them), "imaging exams", "do a procedure", "treat", "write on patient's notes", "talk to patient", "talk to family", "consult with another specialist", "answer a consult from other specialist", "discharge the patient" and "other".

Each of these icons are turned either on or off and quickly viewed on the patient's list, on the left sidebar, where all the patients, with name, age, ward, bed and comments related to them can be quickly read. The patient's details and vitals can be registered, chores can be created (and a description for each one can be written) or deleted.
In the "events" sidebar, all new occurrences related to each patient can be quickly checked up (the Events sidebar may not display correctly on some screen sizes or resolutions, as it was designed for devices with larger screens).

Forget the scrub sheets, go digital to do it better and faster.
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Ward Chores

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